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Your Green Hairdresser in Toronto
Hair By Miranda is in cahoots with Green Circle Salons to now recycle almost EVERYTHING in the salon from paper, plastics, foils, hair and leftover colour. Does this make us the GREENEST salon in Toronto, perhaps Ontario?? I hope so, if not I'll keep trying!! » more»
Child and nursing/new mother friendly
Can´t find a sitter but can´t wait another second for your pampering? No problem, because I work from home and have 3 young boys of my own I completely understand! Please feel free to bring your child to play and watch movies with mine or sit and watch you get gorgeous!
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*The Latest Ban on Chemicals in Europe
Recently a list has been compiled in regards to chemicals in hair products, specifically colours, bleaches and tints. The following are chemicals banned in Europe but not North America. » more